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When it comes to adult games, Newgrounds was always a reliable site, but we have something better for you. We created a brand-new site with curated games. The times when you went on that collection to play promising games only to be hit by the fact that you can’t play them on all of your devices is over. We’ve took all those games and remastered them to fit the needs of todays adult player. And at the same time we added some more new games that were never up on that platform. Even the site on which we bring you all these games has been improved. No matter what you’re looking for you will find it on this site. No matter what kink gets you going or what sexuality drives your naughty spirit, we sure have the games that will make you cum or squirt tonight.

We found a way to offer all these games for free with no strings attached. You won’t have to join our site and there’s no need for you to watch unskippable ad videos before or during the gameplay. All you need for your fantasies is here. We created the ultimate naughty world in which you can enjoy yourself and explore every corner of your sexual imagination. On top of that, you can be certain that you’ll be safe on our site. We offer maximum discretion, but at the same time, we offer you the chance to join a growing community of players where you can get into heated discussions with players from all around the world under the protection of anonymity. Everything on this site is meant to make you feel good. So, accept our invitation and have at it with all of our games. Read more about our site in the following paragraphs.

Hardcore Gaming For All Your Fantasies

When it comes to hardcore game play, we have the hottest titles of the moment. Our extensive collection comes with games from all the genres featuring all the kinks you might enjoy. We have games of all kinds, no matter if you want to play things that are straight forward focused on sex, or things that come with a more complex story and well-developed characters. Our sex simulators are coming with the possibility of letting you experience with all kinks. We even have games in which you can be a master or dominatrix, we have games in which you can fuck furry chicks and games that will show you how it’s like to be in a cuckold experience through realistic simulations.

At the same time, the games focusing on story are coming with some amazing adventures. There are fantasy and sci-fi world that are waiting to be explored. We have some RPG games with multiple endings depending on the decisions you make along the way. And let’s not forget about our text-based games, which are coming with a lot of story and some characters that are so well written that they will feel like real persons.

Adult Games Newgrounds Comes With Action For All Sexuality

Another thing we did different on our site was to focus on the games that will let you explore your sexuality. We’re one of the queerest friendly xxx gaming sites on the web. Out collection of gay porn games is massive and we have the lesbian games that were actually made for lesbians. Then there’s the collection of trans porn games that’s appreciated by straight and bicurious men on our site. No matter how your perfect trans fantasy looks for you, you will find the right games on our site. We have so much hot queer action on our platform that it will be impossible for any straight guy or girl to not dip into the queerness with our collection.

Play new HTML5 Games On Adult Games Newgrounds

The thing that started this whole website was the community’s need for mobile ready sex games. So we made a promise only to deliver HTML5 games on this site, which are cross platform ready and will work in any browser as long as you have an internet connection. On top of the fact that you can play all these games on any device you have, you will also enjoy the hottest graphic that the world of porn gaming can offer. Some of the games that we have on this site will impress you through natural movement and so many small details on the bodies of the characters. You will notice all kinds of facial expressions on the chicks and dudes that you’ll be fucking and then you’ll also enjoy the amazing sex sounds that are well synced in the games. Everything on this site is meant to make you happy through an immersive gameplay experience that’s worthy of the day and age in which we live.

Ready For Absolutely Free And Secure Gaming

When it comes to free porn games, people have two main complains and concerns. The first one is about the quality of the games. Most sites out there are straight forward game dumps where everything makes it in the collection regardless of the quality. We made sure that no games that aren’t worth playing get uploaded on this site and we test all the games on multiple devices before they go live. And the second concern is about the safety of the site. Our platform is not only secure, but we also run a total anonymity policy on our site. We never ask for personal data and since the site on which the gaming takes place is encrypted, not even our back end team will know who you are. Now that you know everything about us is time to go and try out our games. Use the browsing tools on our site and you will find all the games you’re looking for in matter of seconds.

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